Friday, February 1, 2013


To all Skullcandy/Think Architecture club and team members,

We are writing to remind you that the 2013 cycling season is just around the corner (in case you didn’t already know).  We have had some great success during the past 4 years and the team/club and grown significantly over that time.  2012 was our fourth year and we had great success with many podium finishes in road, mountain and cyclocross races.   In addition to the great racing success, we have also seen tremendous growth in the endurance aspect of the club with many of the current members participating in such events as the MS 150 and the Rockwell Relay.  
As you know our sponsorship for the past few years has been great.  The funds from these sponsors make it possible for us to function.  In addition, these funds help keep the kit prices low and the club benefits high.  We know that many of you have taken advantage of the discounts offered by some sponsors and the race reimbursements offered by others.  

As our membership has grown we have found it necessary to split the team/club into two groups.  One of our sponsors (Slim and Knobby’s bike shop in Heber) would like to create their own shop club.  Some of you may know Brandon Judd and Adam Crayk.  They started Slim and Knobby’s a few years back.  As the support for their shop has grown, they have decided that it is now time to have a dedicated Slim and Knobby’s team/club.  We think this is a great opportunity for them to focus on the needs of their clientele.  They will likely focus a little heavier on the Mountain Bike aspect of things but will still have a road team as well. 

We realize that a shop team located in Heber may not be of the most benefit to those living and working along the Wasatch front.  Therefore Think Architecture will remain as the team/club with a presence along the Salt Lake Valley and Wasatch front.   We are optimistic that this change will create new opportunities for both groups and allow for better service to our club members. 

We are excited about this new opportunity and want you to know that both clubs are currently working hard to finalize sponsors and benefit packages for 2013.  Each will have sponsors that will provide continued access to bike shop discounts, product discounts and other team benefits.  More details on this will be revealed as commitments are finalized.  We hope that one of the new clubs will serve your needs and that you will sign up when open registration for 2013.  We also won’t discourage any of you who would like to sign up for both clubs. 

We will also have web links available to the new clubs from the old club website:

If any of you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


The team Directors:
Kevin Parry:
Adam Crayk:
Brandon Judd:
Seth Bradley:
Tyler Kirk:

Think Architecture Club/Team                         Slim and Knobby’s Club/Team
Tyler Kirk:                                         Adam Crayk:
Seth Bradley:                          Brandon Judd:


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